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Happy New Year to our DAFNI community! This year holds exciting things to come.
In this newsletter, we detail our recent event with Dr Juste Raimbault where we discussed OpenMOLE, an open source scientific workflow engine, and research on urban systems dynamics by Denise Pumain of Université Paris, while Romain Reuillon of ISC-PIF Complex Systems Institute / OpenMOLE spoke on OpenMOLE and simulation models.
Brian Matthews
Development on DAFNI still continues apace and we are developing a number of features which have been principally driven by OpenCLIM and CReDO Project Partners. These will significantly enhance the power of the workflows which we can offer in the modelling service (NIMS) on the platform.
We are very pleased that more users have joined the DAFNI platform in the last 4 weeks and numbers are steadily growing. Details of how to apply for our account are on our new webpage.
Our regular technical training events are available for booking, click here to find out more and secure your date.
Dr Brian Matthews, DAFNI Project Lead


  • DAFNI technical training dates
  • Apply for a DAFNI account
  • Announcing this year’s DAFNI Conference
  • News from our central team: OpenMOLE; OpenCLIM

Events news

DAFNI technical training

Our regular technical training events on DAFNI are available to book via Eventbrite.

  • 2nd March 2022
  • 18th May 2022
  • 20th July 2022
  • 7th September 2022
  • 2nd November 2022
DAFNI training graphic

To attend the event you will need experience of entering code through a command line interface, for more information please refer to our booking page: 


Apply for a DAFNI account

Would you like to apply for a DAFNI account?

We have a ‘light-weight’ application account to gain access to DAFNI. To request your account, please go to our DAFNI website.

Dafni Roadshow UCL urban models

DAFNI Conference, July 2022

We are planning a face-to-face event in Manchester in July 2022 with the theme “Environmental Impacts”. This will be a working conference and we will shortly be inviting papers for Workshops and Poster Presentations from researchers who are developing their research on the DAFNI Platform.

There will also be time during the conference to meet the DAFNI Technical Team and learn more about how to use DAFNI.

News from our central team

Dafni Roadshow UCL urban models

Roadshow UCL – Urban model OpenMOLE now on DAFNI

During this event attendees learnt more about DAFNI, OpenMOLE and the importance of model integration; and workflow engines to construct complex models by coupling modular component

  • Professor Michael Batty, UCL, gave an introduction to models of urban infrastructure and transport:
  • Dr Brian Matthews, DAFNI Project Lead, gave an overview of the work of DAFNI:
  • Dr Juste Raimbault, Research Fellow, UCL demonstrated the MATSim model on DAFNI:
  • Tom Gowland, DAFNI Technical Lead, demonstrated the DAFNI platform range of tools and workflows:
  • Keynote: Denise Pumain, Université de Paris spoke on ‘How validation through model exploration empowers theories of spatial complexity: example of urban systems’:
  • Keynote: Romain Reuillon, ISC-PIF Complex Systems Institute OpenMOLE, spoke about ‘a workflow system for the exploration and validation of simulation models’:

Case study on DAFNI’s role in OpenCLIM

We’re delighted that DAFNI was chosen recently by SES – Science & Engineering South, a hub of world-leading universities, as their featured case study discussing DAFNI’s role in the OpenCLIM (Open Climate Impact Framework) initiative.

Click here to read the case study.

24th January 2022