The Data Analytics Facility for National Infrastructure (DAFNI) represents an £8 million investment from the UK Collaboratorium for Research on Infrastructure and Cities (UKCRIC) to provide world-leading infrastructure systems research capabilities and enhance the quality of outputs. This will pave the way to new analytics such as characterising the demand for infrastructure services at a household level, for every household in the UK.

The DAFNI platform aims to advance these capabilities through the creation of (i) a secure yet accessible National Infrastructure Database, (ii) a new software platform to enable analysis, modelling and simulation of national infrastructure systems and (iii) new visualisation facilities at RAL and in the participating universities, to enable access to and interpretation of the results by researchers and practitioners.

These capabilities will translate into providing the community with the following:

  • Secure access to TBs of data across an array of managed infrastructure datasets.
  • Access to a high throughput and high performance computational resources optimised for complex infrastructure analysis.
  • Allow researchers to create models to provide simulations of areas and scales beyond current computational feasibility.
  • Provide the processes necessary to ensure that security, provenance and traceability is addressed to fulfil both research and data provider requirements.
  • Access to a range of visualisation capabilities supporting both creators and consumers of modelling outputs.
  • DAFNI will provide a step change in national infrastructure modelling and simulation research capabilities, and pave a way for more effective, accurate and usable outputs for years to come.

Full requirements document is available to download.

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30th January 2017