Data & Analytics Facility for National Infrastructure

DAFNI is the National Platform to satisfy the computational needs in support of data analysis; infrastructure research; and strategic thinking for the UK’s long term planning and investment needs. The platform will support academic research that is aiming to provide the UK with a world leading infrastructure system that is more: efficient, reliable, resilient and affordable. It will achieve this by enabling the research community to conduct research that is able to generate new insights at a higher level of detail and accuracy than ever before.

DAFNI will deliver...

Compute capability

A facility to provide compute capability to carry out large scale analysis, enabling potential reductions in run times for models and so bringing time savings to projects.

Data access

Access to massive amounts of infrastructure data e.g. real-time data from cities through UKCRIC’s other research strands and many other datasets from government and industry.

Specialised software tooling

Access to specialised software tooling to support data processing, execution and creation of both single and multi-component models to enable simulation of real events and insight generation from results e.g. real-time flood modelling and impact assessment

Novel ways of visualisation

Access to novel ways of visualising results to help influence decision makers when making investment decisions.

Resilience factors

Mechanisms to consider wider factors e.g. resilience planning, air quality impacts, and environmental well-being.


The launch of the DAFNI system represents a monumental milestone in developing the UK’s Data and Analytics Facility for National Infrastructure. With Climate change impacting our nation, it is now more important than ever to understand how we can better prepare the UK for extreme events. DAFNI will provide the UK with infrastructure data analysis and previously unseen levels of computer performance providing greater insights to inform policy decisions and therefore lead the world in our ability to prepare for these extreme events.

Prof. Jim Hall
Chair of DAFNI Governance Board


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