Data & Analytics Facility for National Infrastructure

DAFNI will become the National Platform to satisfy the computational needs in support of data analysis; infrastructure research; and strategic thinking for the UK’s long term planning and investment needs. The platform will support academic research that is aiming to provide the UK with a world leading infrastructure system that is more: efficient, reliable, resilient and affordable. It will achieve this by enabling the research community to conduct research that is able to generate new insights at a higher level of detail and accuracy than ever before.

Platform capabilities

Modelling Workflows
Advanced Visualisation
Central Data Repository
Central Model Library

DAFNI will put the UK in a unique position to analyse the infrastructure systems upon which we all depend, helping to improve performance and pinpoint vulnerabilities. The future of our economy, society and environment depends on the right choices being made for energy and transport systems, digital communications, water supply and flood risk management. DAFNI will provide researchers and decision makers with unique capabilities to analyse system performance and make wise investments.

Professor Jim Hall


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DAFNI Hackathon week

The DAFNI (Data & Analytics Facility for National Infrastructure) Team based at Scientific Computing Department at Science, Technology Facilities Council (STFC), together with the Universities of Oxford and Newcastle, has just completed a very successful week-long 'Hackathon' to explore the DAFNI project's system design and explore potential modelling and visualisation capabilities.

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