Getting Started on DAFNI

An introduction to using DAFNI (a Data and Analytics Facility for National Infrastructure)

Learn about DAFNI and how it can be used to analyse problems and help inform infrastructure policy in the UK.

How to upload and use data on DAFNI

Dr Bethan Perkins demonstrates how to work with data on the DAFNI Platform.

How to work with models on DAFNI

Kyle Stevenson demonstrates how to upload models to DAFNI, and how to ready them for use on the DAFNI Platform.

Building and running workflows on DAFNI

In this video Esther Turner demonstrates how to integrate your models into DAFNI workflows, and then shows how these workflows can be run using different inputs.

Using loops in DAFNI workflows

Sarah Byrne demonstrates how to use loops to run over multiple parameters and data sets in this video.

Sharing resources with colleagues on DAFNI

Sarah Byrne demonstrates how to share resources with colleagues using groups and also how to release resources to every DAFNI user.

Visualising data on DAFNI

In this video Lewis Sampson demonstrates how to use visualisations in DAFNI in order to bring your data to life.

Why Docker?

Tom Gowland explains the advantages of using Docker.

Docker Image

Tom Gowland explains how to create a Docker image of a model.