Applying for an account

Applying for a DAFNI platform account

We have a lightweight application process to assess the needs of our users. Please read this information before applying for an account.

Who can use DAFNI?

We are inviting access applications from UK Academic organisations and those organisations where there is a clear link to research.

What are the benefits of using DAFNI?

Below are just some of the benefits of using the DAFNI platform:

  • Free access for academic researchers to compute, data storage, modelling tools and visualisations services.
  • Centralised access to infrastructure data and analytics for infrastructure sectors (energy, transport, digital communications, and water)
  • Ability to link models and provides researchers with system of system modelling workflows;
  • Access to models through a user-friendly interface as well as to linking with other models to provide greater analysis across the infrastructure landscape.
  • A legacy platform that supports greater sharing of research outputs and greater capability to build future links with new research.

Are there any conditions in using the DAFNI platform?

All users who access DAFNI are committed to bringing research onto the platform, this could be either data, models and/or workflows.

We ask researchers, where possible, to make their research open and available to other researchers on the DAFNI platform.

Please read and become familiar with our Acceptable Use Policy, Asset (data) Management Policy and Privacy Policy.

You will be asked to accept these policies when applying to use the platform.

What kind of research is DAFNI for?

DAFNI has been created to serve all types of infrastructure research and aims to support all areas of infrastructure research. Although not exhaustive, here are some examples:

  • Transport – Road, Rail and Air
  • Urban Development / Planning
  • Engineering
  • Asset Resilience
  • Water and Sewerage
  • Rivers and Flooding
  • Energy modelling – Supply and demand
  • Telecommunications
  • Digital Twins
  • Climate and adaptation
  • Food distribution

How do I learn to use DAFNI?

We have regular technical training events which will provide the basics to use DAFNI in your own project. You can register for one of these events on our Eventbrite page.

We have produced How to and reference documentation and once you have access to the platform you will be able to contact our technical support team who will be happy to assist you.

How do I apply for an account?

To apply for an account, please click on the ‘Apply Here’ button below and then “Apply for an account” to complete the application form. We will assess your request and contact you.