Roadshow Focus on Transport Research

Roadshow Transport Research

This event showed how members of the Universties’ Transport Studies Group and other transport researchers can make use of DAFNI  

Transport Event Agenda
Transport Event Agenda

Welcome and Introduction 

Adrian Hickford, University of Sothampton

Introduction to DAFNI

  Brian Matthews, DAFNI Project Lead, STFC

Brian Matthews' Presentation

The link will open a PDF documentBrian Matthews' presentation


Data Discovery Demo

 Bethan Perkins, DAFNI

Modelling Services Demo

 Tom Gowland, DAFNI

DAFNI demos Q&A Session 

NISMOD Transport Model

  Adrian Hickford, University of Southampton

Adrian Hickford's Presentation

The link will open a PDF documentAdrian Hickford's presentation


Rail modelling using DAFNI

Marcus Young, Univerisyt of Southampton

Marcus Young's Presentation

The link will open a PDF document 

Marcus Young's presentation

Integration of the MATSim transport model into DAFNI

Juste Raimbault, UCL

Juste Raimbault's Presentation

The link will open a PDF document

Juste Raimbault's presentation 23.03.2021


DAFNI-powered Digital Twin of Sheffield Traffic

Cristian Genes, University of Sheffield

Cristian Genes' Presentation

The link will open a PDF document

Cristian Genes' presentation 23.03.2021


Questions and Answers Session

Interested in collaborating with DAFNI?

If you would be interested in using DAFNI, would like to access Data on DAFNI or involve us in a new project, we would like to hear from you.  Please complete your details on the contact form using the link and we will be in contact with you by email.